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The “Nicos Kouroussis Foundation” is a private, non-profit organization founded in 2012 that is managed by a nine member board of directors. It’s purpose is to promote art and culture. The founder, Nicos Kouroussis is an artist who has had a continuous presence in the visual arts in Cyprus and elsewhere since 1966 until the present, has developed new forms of expression and techniques while making significant contributions towards the shaping of modern art in Cyprus. He has created a contemporary art museum to house his works and which also serves as the headquarters of the foundation, in a hilly densely wooded area consisting of 10 hectares in the village of Mitsero, Cyprus. Inside the museum are exhibited part of the foundations permanent collection that includes drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and video installations.
The museum was inaugurated on October 7, 2013, by the Minister of Education and Culture and is now open to the public serving as a place of education, research and enjoyment. It is listed in the “Guide of Cyprus Museums” and has been visited by primary and secondary school students, university students organized groups and individuals.