Born: 22/9/1937 - Education : 1960-1964 St. Martins and Hornsey College of Art London

Nikos Kouroussis

1973  Desmos Art Center, Athens Greece
1974  Gallery Kuppers, Neuss Germany
1977 Desmos Art Center, Athens Greece
1979 Labyrinth, Night Gallery, London
1982 The Labyrinth, performance with Pratt Institute  students, New York USA
1986 Blue Installation, Psihiko Art Gallery Athens
1987 Odyssey Naranja Art Gallery Cologne Germany
1988 Metamorphosis, video installation Pratt Institute New York USA
1988 4th Dimension, Pratt Institute New York USA
1990 Odyssey, Video Installation Venice Biennale
1997 Retrospective exhibition, Diaspro art center Nicosia Cyprus
2000 From the Chisel to Electron, 100 years of Cyprus Sculpture
2000 Six Trees Gubri Biennale Armenia
2001 Retrospective exhibition, Melina Cultural Center, Athens Greece
2001 Holy Prostitution, Installation Kastelliotissa, Cultural Center Nicosia
2001 Metamorphosis, Video Installation, Diatopos Art Center Nicosia
2003 Rape of Europe, Installation Kastelliotissa Cultural Center Nicosia
2005 Rape of Europe, Floor Installation, Casa Elizarde Barcelona Spain
2006 RE-ART Floor Installation Caledonian University Glasgow U.K
2007 Metaplasis, Modern Art meets the Ancient, Pierides-Laiki Group Museum Larnaca Cyprus
2008 The Protagonists, Installation Kastelliotissa Cultural Center Nicosia
2010 Symposium, Installation Cultural Foundation, Bank of Cyprus Nicosia
2011 Mediterranean, Installation, Larnaca Salt Lake
2013 Metamorfoseis, Alpha Gallery, Nicosia
2016 Diatopos Art Center, Nicosia

1968 Eros, New Delhi Triennale, India
1969 Erotic Forms, Paris Youth Biennale France
1970 Erotic Forms, Commonwealth London U.K
1971 Erotic Forms, Ateneo de Madrid, Spain
1971 Labyrinth, Floor Installation Belgrade
1972 Metaplasis, Venice Print Biennale
1974 Rainbow, Desmos Art Center, Athens
1975 11th International Graphic Art Biennale,  Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
1976 3rd Norwegian International Print Biennale,  Fredrikstad, Norway
1976 National Gallery Athens
1976 Macedonian Center of Arts Thessalloniki
1976 4th International Print Biennale Frechen
1978 4th Norwegian International Print Biennale, Fredrikstad, Norway
1978 5th International Print Biennale Frechen
1979 Contemporary Cypriot Art,  Macedonian Art Center Thessalloniki
1980 5th Norwegian International print Biennale,  Fredrikstad, Norway
1984 Ithaca, Homage to Kavafi, Alexandria Biennale
1984 4th Printemps de la jeune Creation, Espace de l’ Horloge Paris
1984 7th Norwegian International Print Biennale Fredrikstad Norway
1995 The Tree, Pierides Museum Athens
1996 The Fish, NIMAC Cyprus
1997 Three Artists Three Routes, Diaspro Art Center Nicosia Cyprus
1998 Three Artists Three Routes, the House of Cyprus Athens Greece
2003 Holly Prostitution, Installation, Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm
2004 The Rape of Europe, Installation, OPENASIA, Lido Venice
2005 Accidental Meetings, NIMAC Cyprus 2005 The Rape of Europe, Installation,
          Athens by Art, Greece
2007 RE-ART, Homage to Icarus, ARTOS Foundation, Nicosia
2008 The Protagonists, Installation, The House of Cyprus Greece
2009 1960-1980 Dialogue  Lanitis Foundation Limassol
2009 The Protagonists, Istallation, Cyprus Consulate N.Y., U.S.A
2010 The Protagonists, Istallation, Cyprus Embassy, London, U.K. 
2010 The Little Land Fish,European Capital of culture Istanbul
2010 The Protagonists, Installation, 50th Anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus
2012 Diaspora, Leventis Municipal Museum Nicosia
2012 Terra Mediterranean in Crisis, NIMAC
2012 The protagonists, Mapping Cyprus,Contemporary Views BOZAR EXPO Brussels
2012 Mediteranee, Lanitis Foundation Limassol
2014 In Dialogue, Heraclitus – Parmenides, Larnaca Municipality, Cyprus
2014 The Discovery of Writing, Lanitis Foundation Limassol Cyprus

1982 Pratt Institute New York
1987-88 Fulbright Scholarship Pratt Institute New York
1976 British Council visiting Scholarship –Theater U.K

1982 The Labyrinth, Pratt Institute New York
1987 The Line, Pratt Institute New York
4th Dimension, South Dakota State University U.S
1988 Time-Matter, N.Y.U New York
Pratt Institute New York
2006 Retrospective Presentation, Union of Architects Sofia Bulgaria
2012 On Sculpture Symposium in Changchun-China Fytorio Nicosia Cyprus

Works in Public Spaces

1975 The Rainbow, Nicosia old Airport Round-About  (Removed Illegally in 2001)
1984 The City, Contemporary Sculpture Park Nicosia Cyprus
1986 Time-Space-Matter, Sculpture Symposium, Volos Greece
1990 Time-Space-Matter, International Sculpture Symposium Crete
1996 Time-Space-Matter, Homage to Zenon of Kitium University of Cyprus
1996 Monument for the Liopetri Barn First Price, Liopetri Cyprus
1997 Monument for the EOKA struggle, First Prize, Paphos Cyprus
1998 Homage to Seferis, Ayia Napa Cyprus
2000 Time-Space-Matter Sculpture Symposium, Limassol Cyprus
2001  Monument for the Missing people, Mitsero village Cyprus
2001  Meeting with History, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nicosia Cyprus (Destroyed in 2008)    
2006  Motion, Monument for General  Florakis, First Price, Nicosia Cyprus
2008  Homage to Heraclitus, Olympic Court Nicosia
2010  Layers in Time, Larnaka International Airport, Cyprus
2011  Anaptixis, Monument for the Heroes of the Turkish Invasion, Kaimakli, Cyprus
2011  12th Changchun International Sculpture Symposium, China
2012  Ypervasis, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre
2013  Homage to 12 Ancient Greek Thinkers, Cultural Services MOEC, Cyprus
2014  Homage to Pythagoras, Ministry of Finance Cyprus
2015  Dialogue Limassol Cyprus

Cyprus National Gallery, Nicosia
Athens National Gallery Greece
National Bank of Greece, Athens
Bank of Cyprus, Nicosia
Pierides Foundation Larnaka Cyprus
G&A. Mammidakis Foundation Crete Greece
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonia Greece